Our Mission and Goals

Mission of Alameda International Foundation

The mission of the Alameda International Foundation is 
exclusively for charitable, education, and scientific purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, more specifically to directly support Alameda International (“Alameda”), its students, its staff and its teachers, and to further the Foundation's mission. The Board of Directors shall ensure that all money raised and spent by the Foundation directly supports Alameda International Jr/Sr High School.

Goals of the Foundation

  • Support innovative educational programs and activities that would not otherwise be achievable through available public funds;
  • Encourage the educational development of Alameda International students and staff members;
  • Foster community involvement in the public education process; and,
  • Develop partnerships within the community to provide the resources necessary to ensure ongoing support for the Foundation's mission.

Projects that benefit the district are funded through contributions, proceeds from fund-raising activities, or monies obtained through grants from public or private agencies. No Local Tax Dollars Are Used!

Most importantly, we want to assist Alameda International students in achieving the eight real important goals of education which are to:

    • be lifelong learners.
    • be passionate.
    • be ready to take risks.
    • be able to problem-solve and think critically.
    • be able to look at things differently.
    • be able to work independently and with others.
    • be creative.
    • care and want to give back to their community