Monday, October 4, 2021

Alameda International Foundation

How this Foundation came to be....

Nancy Pallozi - President - Alameda International Foundation
A few years ago, Nancy approached Principal Susie Van Scoyx, and asked if she was interested in starting a foundation.  Susie and Nancy had known each other from years prior, as Nancy's son, attending Patterson Elementary, and Susie was the principal when he started there.  Later she transferred over to Alameda.  At the time, she indicated that Alameda was not quite ready to start a foundation. Earlier this year (2021), Nancy and Suzie spoke and she said it was time.  And here we are today....  

Nancy's goal is to get this foundation going strong for the future of Alameda Students and Staff.
Alameda has formed us into the adults we are today.  We had a good time and good education in high school and we still have close bonds with many of our classmates.  

Times have changed a bit for Alameda.  Alameda has become a middle school (Jr. High), and High School.  O'Connell no longer exists.  Many programs were no longer for many years, DECA, Marching Band, Shop Class, etc. to name a couple and eventually,  Alameda became an International (IB) School.  

They are starting to bring programs back, but it takes money.  That is where the foundation comes in.  We are a non-profit organization to help fund programs and needs for Alameda International.  With your help, we can, as Alumni, be assured the current and future students of Alameda can experience an amazing education, like we all did.

Any support is truly appreciated.

My Best,
Nancy (McIntosh) Pallozzi
Alameda International Foundation President